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100€ MRR as an Indie Hacker

May 2021

I am a (painfully) average developer. I do not make millions. I have not created complex trading algorithms, programs or businesses. I have a good yet average paying job. My group of friends are (in the nicest way possible) as average as I am, none of us has reached massive success, some might have stocks, but we work for a living.

My clique is however heavily skewed towards tech people; developers, managers, product-designers and it blows my mind how inflated our dreams and egos are. We sit in high-towers where most of us are not happy with our high salaries and comfortable lifestyle. We chase the latest news to invest in the stock market, we jump companies every couple of years trying to become millionaires. The market and the tech ecosystem has ruined us.

Last year I launched CI Demon and whenever I tell my tech friends I make 100€ per month they literally laugh about it. You can tell they are like “thats funny, you need to market it! you need to sell more!”. However when I tell my non-tech friends the reaction is completely different: “wow! that’s amazing!” or “that’s great and you don’t have to work much to make that!”.

What does 100€ per month mean to non-tech people, nothing, because they have been brain-washed into looking at computers as a million dollar business. The crazy thing is: they cash a normal salary like me, yet they only consider businesses with returns of multiple zeroes as something worth chasing.

That is incredibly dumb, and here is why; 100€/month is 1200€/year that goes straight into my pocket.

  • It means a great vacation
  • It means visit my family in my homecountry
  • 1200€ for non-tech people is a good salary bump, for which many still have to work 40+ hours weeks.
  • Even for tech workers 1200€ is still a salary bump you need to ask your boss for

All I can say, it makes me super happy, I get to create something, which is fun for me, it also generates side-income with very little time spent.

Wake up people, the chances of you becoming a billionaire are slim to none, it’s much better to be happy and having enough instead of chasing money every waking hour.