Oscar Franco

I'm a freelance systems engineer, living in Munich. I'm the creator of several react-native libraries. With experience not only on TypeScript but also on the native side with Swift, Kotlin, C++ and Rust.

I've created several SaaS products, was team lead and eventually CTO and also started a company.

Send me an email if you think we can work together. You can also find me on Twitter, GitHub or YouTube.


Generative art with Rust — Learned some Rust by doing art, threads, types and the borrow checker fun.

Ick — Menu bar app that provides Developer tools, shortcuts and fixes small macOS annoyances.

Sol — An open source macOS launcher

CI Demon — Monitor your CI from the menu bar

React Native Apps for Mac Online Class C++ for JavaScript Devs Youtube Series

OP-SQLite — The fastest embedded SQLite implementation for React Native.

OP-SQLCipher — The fastest embedded SQLite implementation for React Native, but encrypted.

OP-S2 — Encrypted and hardware backed storage for React Native